Please email me at I try to answer all personal email, but it sometimes takes a few days!


I'm represented by Tina Bennett at WME in New York (+1 212 586 5100, and by Elizabeth Sheinkman at WME in London (+44 20 7534 6800,

For translation requests please contact: Tracy Fisher, Director of Foreign Rights, WME (


For all queries about speaking engagements, please contact:
Kathleen Nishimoto
WME Speakers
+1 212 903 1376

Book groups

Schedule permitting, I'm always happy to talk with book groups or similar organisations. I'm based in Brooklyn, New York, but am frequently in the UK – and in any case, I've found it works well to do these by Skype or FaceTime, making geography irrelevant. To set up a book group discussion, please email me at the address above.